Digital Native: Definition and values

I wrote this down because having a clear vision of your values is a main part of starting something. The following text is not the current state but the ideal state for me.

Definition of a Digital Native

A Digital Native is an individual who intuitively knows how to use digital technologies. He has a deep passion for software and digital tools. An inborn curiosity and a bright horizon are typical characteristics. A Digital Native is always improving himself and his circumstances. Following the credo of sharing his knowledge and ideas and being helpful, mindfulness matters a lot for him.

– 2015, Moritz Lampkemeyer

Core Values of a Digital Native

Core Values of a Digital Native

  1. Curiosity
    • Curiosity is a crucial attribute to live and survive in our digital world nowadays. Services, software and tools are changing so fast that it may be hard to stay on track. Curiosity is his natural impulse to keep up recent developments. Curiosity is his drive. Curiosity is his fuel.
  2. Mindfulness
    • Mindfulness is important in our digital world because you can actually do a lot of harm to other people out there. Never hide behind the anonymity of the web and always remember that you are talking to people. Mind these people, mind yourself, mind nature and mind everything else. A Digital Native feels great by amazing others.
  3. Improvement
    • Improvement is important like already mentioned at first. A Digital Native always has to keep up with recent changes and improvements. If curiosity is his fuel, improvement is the journey he is on. And his journey is a round course with unlimited rounds. But he takes a pit stop every time he needs one (that aligns to the second value).
  4. Giving
    • Taking is easy, but giving is the master class. A Digital Native loves to share his knowledge and understanding of the digital world. He enjoys discussions about different topics and always tries to give constructive input. Since it’s not always possible to give back, a Digital Native alternately strives to give forward.
  5. Passion
    • All of these values come together in passion. A Digital Native is always passionate about what he does and is aware of his purpose. He don’t enforce things but pulls slightly forward. Again, curiosity is the fuel and improvement is the journey. But passion is the ride of a Digital Native. Sometimes it’s a full-sized monster truck and sometimes it’s a tiny little skateboard. A Digital Native rides whatever fits best to his journey.

I would be happy to hear your thoughts about Digital Natives!

Please remember: This is my personal definition. These are my personal values. Feel free to google for more academic ones or check out Wikipedia.

Great inspiration struck me like lightning when reading the book “Scrum” by Jeff Sutherland, the book “Rework” by 37signals, hearing the podcast “On Being” with Adam Grant and hearing about Buffer and Automattic. Special thanks to the Buffer Slack Community for insightful discussions and motivation so far.

From time to time I will update this post in conformity with these values. There will be revisions to document everything.