7 ways to create an epic of your customer service

Life is about stories. They can be found everywhere and are told by everyone. One single story can be entertaining, thrilling, melancholic, mindful or funny. A set of stories can add up to an epic which combines different attributes.

Customer service nowadays is all about building and maintaining a relationship with your customers. To accomplish this, you have to listen to your customers stories. But don’t just listen to one single story or view these stories in a separated or isolated way. Combine them, find similarities and sum it all up. Create an epic of your customers stories.

This is all about going one step further if you want to be remembered for excellent customer service.

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Digital Native: Definition and values

I wrote this down because having a clear vision of your values is a main part of starting something. The following text is not the current state but the ideal state for me.

Definition of a Digital Native

A Digital Native is an individual who intuitively knows how to use digital technologies. He has a deep passion for software and digital tools. An inborn curiosity and a bright horizon are typical characteristics. A Digital Native is always improving himself and his circumstances. Following the credo of sharing his knowledge and ideas and being helpful, mindfulness matters a lot for him.

– 2015, Moritz Lampkemeyer

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