Paris, je t’aime

Paris, je t'aime

The last night in Paris was devastating and traumatic. My thoughts and my heart belong to those who suffer from terrorism. I’m speechless because of the sheer brutality. I’m sad because of the innocent victims and their families. And I’m angry because I can’t understand what drives people towards such extreme and ruthless acts of violence.

But I’m also uncertain about the consequences. What will happen in the countries that are struggling with a refugee crisis? What will happen to all these poor people who are leaving their homeland to escape from war and terrorism? No one can tell what will happen and what are the right solutions right now. This concerns are real for everyone. For the natives, the refugees and everyone in between. We have to make sure that the people in need can still feel safe in our country. But we also have to find ways to identify extremists.

Paix pour Paris!


The whole country of France must unite now. For the second time this year, they must stay strong and keep their head up to face the horrors of terrorism. To show, that they don’t let the terrorism intimidate them. This is a challenge that not only France witnesses. Europe and every other country of the world must take a stand to be clear about their attitude. There may not be any tolerance for violence, brutality and terrorism.

Every human out there has a voice. And we all have the right and the duty to raise this voice. Against isolation, xenophobia and radicalisation. But for peace and diversity instead.

Because of this dark chapter of human history, we may not forget about the terrorism and war that happen in the world every day. Everyone has to question his personal attitude and thoughts as well. There are many ways to prevent radical thoughts and it’s important to get down at the root of the trouble. One way is to share your thoughts whenever you can. Stay informed and provide useful information for those who are uncertain and who are afraid.

That’s what terrorism wants. It wants to make people feel insecure and to be afraid. Fear is the fuel of terrorism. Please don’t be afraid. Raise your voice against isolation, xenophobia and radicalisation. Because Isolation, xenophobia and radicalisation are not the answers against war and terrorism. They are the reasons for war and terrorism.

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