The great thing about failures

Writing a CV can be tough. You have to include every important information but shouldn’t go too far because HR people have no time. In general, you include your major success stories and your positions. Maybe also some minor ones because they are cool and unexpected. You mention your skills, your languages and try to make everything look neat and cool. That is what the CV game nowadays looks like. Everyone does it. But is it right? Is it honest? Do you get a good impression of a person by their successes? Do you get who they are as a person and why they are who they are? I’m not sure and neither is Johannes Haushofer, a Princeton professor of psychology and public affairs, which gave me the inspiration to write this.

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About working location independent

Wow, Moritz. You finally wrote a blog post again. One of my promises for 2016 was to blog regularly, like every week. Yes, I totally missed it. But I don’t feel bad about it. Since January, I’m in Australia. That is a long way from Germany and it is the first time I left the continent. I’ve never been away from home sweet home for longer than four weeks maybe. But it’s great. I miss my friends, my family and everything else, but it’s great. Because I’m doing it. I’m working location independent.

So I’ve been here in Australia for about three months now. When we made the decision to explore this beautiful country, I thought of something else. I thought of picking fruit and cleaning hostel toilets to get along, alternating with months of hangouts and parties.

working location independent

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Paris, je t’aime

Paris, je t'aime

The last night in Paris was devastating and traumatic. My thoughts and my heart belong to those who suffer from terrorism. I’m speechless because of the sheer brutality. I’m sad because of the innocent victims and their families. And I’m angry because I can’t understand what drives people towards such extreme and ruthless acts of violence.

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The happiest person I was ever privileged to meet

the happiest person I was ever privileged to meet

How I met the happiest person I was ever privileged to meet

I met her when I was around 19 years old during my voluntary year of social service. I had the pleasure to help in an office for easy language. Over there, people with disabilities translate complicated documents into an easier version.

The goal is to make every document and every text accessible for everyone or at least for a broad audience. My job was to help the employees at work and with their every day life and to do some little graphic design.

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